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About Brazos River Catfish Café

"The location is very scenic and beautiful, set in the hills and right on the Brazos River, naturally adorned by an old-fashioned metal bridge."

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"Best restaurant, best service, best atmosphere. place can compare or beat it! "

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Originally open from the 1940s through 1966, it was in 1996 that James Griffin had an occasion to visit the Millsap area. As he passed by the abandoned and dilapidated property that was once Brazos River Catfish Café, a spark of enthusiasm and foresight became a sudden yearning.


He walked the overgrown grounds and examined the damaged building and dreamed a dream which must have been similar to that of the original owner so many years ago.


Having a firm grasp of the food-service trade, our Brazos River called to him, and for three years James, in conjunction with his energetic wife, Sandra, cleared, cleaned, rebuilt and re-established the restaurant, to the delight of the surrounding community.


When they opened their doors in the fall of 1999, the Griffins were welcomed warmly and enthusiastically as providers of not only delicious and wholesome meals – with emphasis on catfish of course – but also a special congeniality and spirit of good humor.


James and Sandra cherish the history upon which they sit. They seek and display photo memorabilia of earlier days and the people who came before them. You can feel the gentle past when you enter. Unsolicited publicity has brought folks from afar to dine here at our own special place on the Brazos River.


The Brazos River Catfish Café is upbeat, friendly, sparkling clean and a happy place to gather for great meals as time and the River continue their journey.


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